Highgrove Gardens Tour with Lunch – Has been postponed to a date to be agreed due to venue closure.

6th May 2020

Highgrove Gardens Tour with Lunch- 06th May 2020 – £66.50 Per Person

Has been postponed to a date to be agreed due to venue closure.

As part of TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall’s private residence, The Royal Gardens at Highgrove are opened annually for visitors to share in their enjoyment of this much-loved inspirational setting.Created with imagination and passion by the Prince over the last 38 years, the series of interlinked organic gardens reflect his deep commitment to sustainability, as well as a natural artistic ability. As an important haven for a rich variety of flora and fauna, the gardens have been developed to not only please the eye, but sit in succinct harmony with nature.You can experience the gardens’ seasonal highlights between April and October each year, and discover how the Prince has transformed a landscape which was once merely lawn into an ever-changing canvas of magnificent garden scenes.

From the classic order of the Cottage Garden to the pastoral beauty of the Wildflower Meadow, discover these unique spaces, along with hidden curios and horticultural innovations, on a tour that offers a personal perspective of this much-admired public figure.

One of my great joys is to see the pleasure that the garden can bring to many of the visitors and that everybody seems to find some part of it that is special to them.” HRH The Prince of Wales.

A rich habitat for a variety of wildlife, the Stumpery is an atmospheric garden that draws inspiration from the Victorian concept of growing ferns amongst upturned tree stumps. An enchanting space that highlights the sculptural qualities of wood, the Stumpery features a series of remarkable natural structures, including two classical temples crafted from green oak and cut to resemble stone, at the base of which sits David Wynne’s sculpture of the Goddess of the Wood.

Divided into old and new, the Cottage Garden is comprised of two distinctive planting styles. Inspired by the vibrant colours of Tibetan silks, the New Cottage Garden has an exuberant yellow, pink and blue theme.

Originally designed as a rose garden by Lady Salisbury, The Sundial Garden has evolved to showcase a bold planting scheme that comes to life in the summer months, with June- and July-flowering delphiniums a particular show-stopping delight. This iconic garden is enhanced by the use of willow structures that support the plants and provide a focal point when winter descends on the garden.Beds are edged with classic box, while the entire garden is lined with yew hedges that have been clipped with ‘windows’ to reveal busts of HRH The Prince of Wales at various stages of his life. The sundial, for which the garden takes its name, completes the tableau, along with elaborate reclaimed wrought-iron gates, topped with the iconic Prince of Wales feathers.

Clipped golden yew lines the Thyme Walk, an impressive avenue planted with 20 different varieties of thyme, interspersed with marjoram and primroses. This bold promenade draws your eyes towards the house and Terrace Garden, while the eccentric shapes of the yew topiary create a whimsical aesthetic, conjuring a smile with even the most surly of dispositions.  At the bottom of the Thyme Walk lies the Lily Pool Garden and a bronze Borghese Gladiator, which was a gift to the Prince from Lord Cholmondeley. The walk and surrounding lawns are enclosed entirely by striking clipped yew hedge, designed by Sir Roy Strong.

Enjoy the untamed beauty of Highgrove’s peaceful Wildflower Meadow, a four-acre plot dotted with oaks, chestnuts, poplars and beech trees. Sanctuary to different wildlife throughout the seasons, the meadow was originally planted with a 32-species seed mix in 1982. Managed as a traditional hay meadow, seed-rich green hay introduces new species each year, creating a constantly evolving landscape that is cultivated in harmony with the seasons.Yellow rattle keeps grasses cropped and over five types of orchid thrive in the meadow’s soil. Spring sees the Lent Lily and Ice Follies appear, whilst the meadow is cut in the summer for hay and grazed by sheep between September and December, which help to tread the wildflower seed back into the ground.A fastigiated hornbeam avenue leads to the working Kitchen Garden, where heritage varieties of fruit and vegetables are grown within plots that make up the crosses of Saint George and Saint Andrew. A splendid ‘ribbon of red’ lies at the end of the avenue, a delight in the autumn when Japanese Maples and Copper Beech are at their most dazzling.

Enjoy lunch in the Orchard Restaurant.


Important information about your visit:

  • Due to security regulations, all visitors must bring a form of photographic ID with them on the day of their visit, ideally a passport, driving license or bus pass.
  • Highgrove is The Prince of Wales’s private home and the use of mobile phones, cameras, binoculars and all recording equipment is prohibited. Please leave such items at home, on the coach, or switched off inside your bags.
  • Highgrove reserves the right to cancel tours without notice in extreme circumstances, such as adverse weather conditions, and will offer visitors a refund or the opportunity to rebook their garden tour for a different date.